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How does an intentionally small Business Broker Intermediary engaged in the Brokerage, Mergers& Acquisitions industry create a sustainable advantage in today’s Internet–driven global economy?


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 Leverage through superior marketing


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 Pope Estates

In the Runyonesque world of thoroughbred horse racing it is said that a good horse wears fine clothes. The literal meaning of the term being that a good horse looks and acts like a good horse. Applied to business, does your business wear fine clothes?  Is it ready to show off its stuff? When you offer your business or property for sale will it strut on parade as would that special horse? Or will it just join the other businesses or properties being offered for sale cloaked in the ordinary like the other horses that are just along for the ride?

Set yourself apart from the other owners also seeking a buyer.  Before you market your business for sale showcase & empower it!  Polish it like a diamond, develop added value by creating scarcity when none seems to exist.

About Us

We act as Seller Brokers for Business owners looking to sell to realize their retirement goals and we act as Buyer Brokers for search funded Buyers, strategic buyers corporate acquirers, private equity groups and individual buyers seeking acquisitions.  We act as Finders for Buyers utilizing our international network at no cost to the Business owner. Check us out!   Request a testimonial about our award winning role in a U.S. national roll-up of Internet Service Providers (ISP’S) or our acquisition services for a Wall Street listed Company.   When you are thinking about selling a business or buying a business Think POPE.


R.H. (Ron) Pope
President CEO & Founder POPE ESTATES INC.(1962)
Internationally Affiliated
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Tel: 604 278 9793 * 800 655 3099

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